Bologna Hole

by Smokestack Crew

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Intercourse Records
Produced by Mike G


released May 1, 2008



all rights reserved


Smokestack Crew Martinez, California

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Track Name: Random Thoughts (Bonus Track)
Right now,i'm gonna come with the sick flow,i'm Playa JB i'm out to pimp a rich hoe or a broke one i don't care,i'll fuck a hoe anyplace or anywhere,i stare Yes at bare breasts,take my load then digest,fuckin' hoe's is no chore,to me JB cause i'm a male-whore,i give 'em the intercourse records sign right in the behind,cause i love sex,hoe's listen to me and do what i say next,and that is to hit your knee's and do my crew a.s.a.p.,do us,do T,do Scrilla,do Henry,do White C,even me,do us all,then flee,now your starting to feel like you were used,here's your confirmation hoe it's true,Get out hella quick,i ain't Hector the Hoe Protector now split,Her feelings don't really matter,i spatter baby-batter at her then i scatter,had to bounce in a hurry,i'm hung like a jury hoe don't you worry,private parts,pussy farts,queefs in between the sheets and butt-darts,if they hunger for protein and savor gooey loads i put em' on my team,even when i'm relaxin',i'm receivin' tongue to ass action,some girls can swallow my tool,their chin's touch balls,and that's cool,some girls just slobber the head,and next here comes breakfast in bed,eat up,enjoy your meal,now i have to leave but you know the drill,i fill spaces,my balls bruise faces,i've even left pubic hairs in braces,hoe's end up bent up on a sofa,i'll pitch a tent where they pinch a loafa,top shelf or backdoor,when her brown eye's winkin' i must explore,gotta hump all damn day,gotta lay pipe just to make that pay,Bay Area backroads are where i switch into mackmode,to be a "G" like me is hard,my nards are held in the highest regards,far and away above and beyond,again and again i'm slangin' that dong,i keep dangalin' i bang more tail,than Wilt Chamberlain to make my mail,cash flow in heavy amounts,wax hoe's in the Chevy and bounce,on the the next one,the no gag-reflex one,yes i take checks Hun,write it out to me,your pimp Playa JB,I won't say pardon when i get a hard-on,i'm not polite when there's ass in sight,it's my delight to see hoe's fight,for the right to take pole tonight,a handjob is better than nothin',but a rimjob will have a girl blushin',their rushin' to call me on the late-night,and when they do i'll let em' tongue my taint right,i ain't right i'm wrong,last name Johnson first name Dong,of Salami Vice,gonna add some spice to her dull sex life tonight,if you ever wanna find me just look right behind me,and follow the trail of used rubbers that are slimy,i stab when i blab,i hit when i spit,i'm in a hoe's ear like a q-tip,i stick and split and skip town,they slob my knob and spit drips down,their chin's again they sit and spin,i laugh and grin and say let's do it again,i lure a who'ore screw,skew her and do her,treat her like manure,pretend i never knew her,i must give a big hearty salute,to girls who party and play skin-flute,i ain't no phoney bro,i fill Bologna Hole,i use her up and i gots to go,so,i'm inspector pooper call me rectal rooter,i'm a gross polluter with a semen-shooter,there's no one ruder than me,Random Thoughts by Playa JB...